Light-pink wednesdays

For today I’m bringing back an old post that was deleted.

We all know that black and grey are the perfect combination. So why not edge it up with a pop of pink? For me, the woman who lives in black, it’s challenging to bring some colour to my outfit. Me and my friend, Maxine, styled our light pink pieces with some grey and black tones. A simple neutral palette where you can never go wrong with. Pink will be one of the colours this spring/summer, so it’s the perfect time to experiment and create some pinkish outfits. On wednesday we wear pink right?

I grabbed my old lightpink blazer from Zara and styled it with a simple grey t-shirt and skinny jeans. Maxine wore her lightpink blouse with a grey-knitted sweater and also skinny jeans. Two simple, relaxed outfits that you can wear almost everywhere and anytime you want.

bewerktsofie1 bewerktsofie2 bewerktsofie3 bewerktsofie4bewerktmaxine1 bewerktmaxine2 bewerktmaxine3bewerktmaxine4


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