Pastel throwback

Today was my last exam day and now I finally have the time to post some new content on the blog. The past four months have been crazy, however, it all went very well! For today’s blog I wanted to do a little throwback to a few months ago. Me and my friend Maxine, that’s also my model, went to Mirlo’s. I styled Maxine in some pastel and neutral colours that perfectly suited by the concept of Mirlo’s.

Mirlo’s, a cosy breakfast and lunch-bar with some good coffee. When you walk in you immediately get an Pinterest/Instagram-feeling, not only from the soft pastel colours but especially from the decoration that you can find AND buy in the bar. It’s a very lovely place with delicious food and great service. So next time you’re in Antwerp I really reccomend to make a stop at Mirlo’s. You’ll be suprised and have a great time!

H&M coat / H&M  jeans / H&M blouse / NIKE sneakers / MICHAEL KORS watch / H&M necklace

IMG_9069 IMG_9072  IMG_9128 IMG_9131  IMG_9177


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