Two days in Washintgon D.C.

We had the chance to go to Washington D.C two times during our USA trip. We saw a lot, we walked a lot and we enjoyed a lot. It was all about exploring the city as much as we could in just a few hours.

We didn’t have time to see everything along The Mall, but we did our best. He had the opportunity to see:

  • The Jefferson Memorial
  • Martin Luther King, JR. Memorial
  • Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial
  • Korean War Veterans Memorial
  • The Washington Monument
  • World War II Memorial
  • Abraham Lincoln Memorial
  • The US Capital

And ofcourse we saw the White House. No visit to D.C. would be complete without a visit to the most famous address in the US, and possibly the most famous house in the world.

Last but definitely not least, we also went to Georgetown. Not the university, but the neighborhood full of history, fun and food – really delicious food. If you ever go to D.C., definitely go to Georgetown. You won’t regret it.

And ofcourse, I made (another) travel vlog about our trip to D.C.
Have fun watching and be sure to check out a few pictures of our trip underneath the video!

xo – Sofie


US capital










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